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Dear Bob,

We wanted to thank you for all the work you did and your expertise in selling our home. We're sure that the sale went through because of the work you did with the mortgage companies and your nowledge of the business. Please feel free to use our name as referrals. Again Thanks.


The Pinards

Dear Russ,

As I sit in the peaceful setting of my new home, I think about the people that got us here. I think of the instances that made me laugh "take a right" "is that cow dung in the road?" The laughter seems to outweigh the instances that made my blood pressure rise, "What is that radon level?" "Are they going to fix it or not?" I speak for Stephen and I both when I say that we appreciate all your help in the purchase of our new home.

We love our home and are very happy to be in such a private setting and yes the oil man has already been to deliver so they will come! More importantly, we think of the value that was added to our lives because of people like you. We appreciate your years of experience as well as the level of care you put into us as people.

I know the time will come that you will retire which will be wonderful for you, but a true loss to the world of home buying and selling! As a retiree, with all that time on your hands, the drive to visit Rusty will be minimal so I will let him know you are coming.

Thanks again! We will keep in touch.

Kim & Stephen

Dear Keith,

Sometimes the pressure of buying a new home was more overwhelming than I could have anticipated. Once Rick and I decided to go with you as an agent, the pressure seemed to ease and then next thing you know, we had the home of our dreams!

We can't thank you enough, and will be sure that as we come in contact with new friends in our new town, we'll pass on our great experience.

Sally and Rick

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